Midwest Refining Company
Stanolind Oil and Gas Company and
Pan American Petroleum Corporation
Special thanks to Tom Pardo at BP America, Inc. for allowing
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The "Hobbs High" in the headline of this article refers to a geologic feature that led to where the Hobbs Pool was discovered. 

"The Hobbs Pool is on a geologic feature geologists refer to as a "high".  The high is actually the subsurface topography beginning about 4360' below the surface or 1360' sub sea level.  Correcting for the altitude of Hobbs at 3620'.  The geologist is looking for a structural "high" for a sand body that could be connected to a source bed (oil).  The old timers used topographic maps on the surface to predict these geologic traps underground, where we use seismic and other methods today. It is said that the "Hobbs Pool" aka Greyburg/San Andres zones we actually produce from has produced more oil (per given space of rock) than any reservoir in the world."
- Mark Veteto of Me-Tex Oil & Gas, Inc.     

The magazine feature above is from the December, 1927 issue of The Midwest Review, the company magazine of Midwest Refining Company.    

In October 1929, The Midwest Review published an article describing what a geologist might find in the Hobbs, New Mexico area.

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In September 1930, The Midwest Review published a report on the activity in Hobbs.

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The August 1954 issue of Horizons Magazine, the company magazine of Pan American Petroleum Corporation (the successor company of Stanolind Oil and Gas Company) published an article shown below recapping the history of the development of the oil industry in Hobbs. 
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The Stanolind Oil and Gas Company camp in the 1950's
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The October, 1957 issue of Horizons Magazine contained an article shown below detailing the activities of Field Clerk Durward Moorhead in the Hobbs offices of
Pan American Petroleum Corporation. 

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