The Oil Patch

Photo and notes courtesy of Max Clampitt
Midwest State #1, the discovery well for the Hobbs Field.
Well site at South Grimes and Stanolind Road on
land leased by Will Terry Ranch.
Shown below as it appears today, with a cable-tool
rig, like one used to start the well. 
Completion was done with a rotary rig.

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Continental Oil Company's State A No. 3

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Continental Supply at 224 South Grimes
Left to right: unknown, Hi Collins, T.P. Tarwater, Tom Bryant, G.L. Houstis

Photo courtesy of Doris Blackman Mitchell
National Tank Company
March 1940
Left to right: A.G. Blackman, Warren Gray, Lloyd Coumby, George Steinehouse, Louie Murray

Ashley Green Blackman, Sr. came to Hobbs in about 1936 and worked as a tank builder for
Parkersburg Tank Co and National Tank Co, where he worked until retiring in 1958.  Mr. Blackman
also helped build the Army Air Bases in Hobbs and Clovis.

Photo courtesy of Doris Blackman Mitchell


Photo courtesy of Peggy Smith
An early oilfield location in Winkler County.  The handwritten message on the
reverse of this postcard reads"
"This is how bad the sand is here.  Got 4 trucks tied on behind
a caterpillar tractor.  You have to do lots of pushing here."

Photo courtesy of Peggy Smith
An early location between Wink, TX and Jal, NM.
(Left to right) O.R. Johnson, unknown, unknown, G.L.Neely, unknown.

Photo courtesy of Peggy Smith
An unknown location.  (Left to right) O.R. Johnson, unknown, G.L. Neely, unknown.

Photo courtesy of Peggy Smith
An early oilwell location in Oklahoma.

HELP!!  We're looking for more old local oilfield pictures.  If you've got old pictures, including
early pictures from the history of your oil-related company, drop us a line!

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