Education in Hobbs, New Mexico

Hobbs' second schoolhouse was built in 1915 by Ernest Byers.
It was located on the northeast corner of Dal Paso and Marland.
The first classes were held in the basement, while the building
was still under construction.  Eden schoolhouse was moved to
town and attached to the building.

Photo courtesy of Sandra Wiley
This photo is of the consolidated school located between Knowles and Hobbs, and was taken between 1909 and 1913.

Will Rogers Elementary under construction in 1936.
Originally named North Hobbs Elementary School.

Photo and notes courtesy of Max Clampitt
The first Hobbs High School, located at 300 North Houston.
Built in 1935 for a cost of $80,000.  Present location of Houston Junior High.

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Early Hobbs High football team.
Identified so far:
#1 Foster McPeters, #4 A.G. Rankin, #9 Ralph "Slatz" Baggett,
#11 Bill Hollis, Coach Herb West (far right, bottom row)
(please contact us if you can help identify more)

Photo and notes courtesy of Max Clampitt

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Hobbs High School students in 1940.

Photo and notes courtesy of Max Clampitt
Hobbs High School, which was located in the present location of Houston Junior High,
was completely destroyed by fire April 6, 1942.  Cause was unknown.  The attached gymnasium
was not attached to the main building, so it was not lost and is still in use today.

(Photo and information courtesy of Bill Lee)
Shown above is the very last Hobbs High School boxing team from the 1948-1949 school year.
  The team was coached by R.N. Tydings, who later served as Superindendent of Hobbs Schools.
Back row, left to right: Eugene Hinnard, Bill Garner, Bill Tucker, Charles Burns, Larry Squires, Bill Lee
Middle row, left to right: Billy Sanders, Pat Granath, Jack Andrews, Otho Ashman, Paul Hudson
Front Row, left to right: (Unknown first name) Little (manager), Charles Sanders, (Eldon or Weldon) Roach, (Unknown), (Eldon or Weldon) Roach, Kenny Klipas (manager)

The new Hobbs High School Stadium as seen in September 1950
Photos courtesy of David Minton

An aerial view of Hobbs High School in 1954, facing northwest.

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Photo and notes courtesy of Max Clampitt
Hobbs School Bus drivers. 
Earl Kornegay is shown second from the right, in the necktie.
Anna Lee Kornegay is shown fourth from the left.
Gladys Cureton Thorp is 7th from the left.
Iola Cain Henry is 10th from the left.
(please contact us if you can help identify others)

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