Broadway in the 1930's

The May 27, 1930 edition of the Hobbs Times-Herald carried a full-page advertisement
proclaiming the attributes of the growing city of Hobbs, including at that time:

12 producing wells
57 rigs in operation
50 oil supply houses
2 oil and gas refineries

Photo and history courtesy of Max Clampitt

Shown here in later years, this building on the Southeast corner of North Turner and East Taylor,  was built in 1931 and was home to the Medical Arts Clinic.  The bottom floor had labs and clinics and the top floor had 20 beds.
The original staff included Dentist E.H. Beck, Drs. E.J. Brown, Ben Ard, A.L. Jennings, and C.A. McFadden. The hospital was taken over April 8, 1932 and the name changed to Hobbs General Hospital.  It closed August, 1934.
The building was then taken over by Dr. A.C. Shuler and re-named Shuler Hospital in 1936.  It was subsequently sold to Mrs. Virginia Futch, who advertised in 1938 of having a bed capacity for 5 adults, bassinets for babies, laboratory, x-ray and a completely equipped operating room.
The facility was sold to Dr. Allen P. Terrell in February 1941 and the name was changed again to Terrell Hospital.  Dr. Terrell operated it until his death in January, 1947.


Photo courtesy of Max Clampitt
Flagg Inn Camp was located at 118 West Taylor,
shown here in about 1938.

Photo courtesy of Max Clampitt
The Summerville Garage was located at 319 N. Linam.
Built in 1934.

Photo courtesy of Judy Barnett
Bennie A. (Bud) Youngblood in front of the Summerville Station & Garage
in the late 1930's (Click photo for a LARGER VIEW)

Broadway at Shipp, looking east (not actually Main St) (Click for a LARGE view)

Photo courtesy of Max Clampitt
(Click photo for a LARGE version)
A crowd gathers to watch a fire that destroyed the buildings in the
100 block of West Broadway on the south side of the street in 1935.

Photo courtesy of Max Clampitt

Photo courtesy of Max Clampitt

Photo courtesy of Max Clampitt
The 200 Block of West Broadway, south side of the street in about 1940.

Photo courtesy of Max Clampitt
The Roosevelt Theatre was located at
118 East Broadway, shown here in about 1940.

Fire at the Roosevelt Theater in 1951.  The "Modern Drive In Theatre" was the Sky-Vu on North Turner.
Photo courtesy of David Minton

Photo courtesy of Max Clampitt
The east side of the street in the 100 block of North Turner. 
Paul Jones Office Supply, center and the Lea Hotel on the right.
The Medical Arts Clinic building is visible on the left, behind the trees.

(Click the image above for a LARGE version)

Turner Street a few blocks north of Broadway, looking south towards Broadway.
The Lea Hotel from the photograph above this one is shown on the left side of the street.

A shot taken from a couple of blocks further south
is shown below from a postcard mailed in 1942.
The enlarged version shows signs for The Daily Bulletin,
The Mecca Cafe, Palace Drug and Cafe Canton, among others.

(Click the image above for a LARGE version)

Photo courtesy of Max Clampitt

This area was often referred to as "Shortgrass Miller's Lake" due to
the tendency to
flood following any significant amount of rainfall.

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