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Hobbs is a city located in the southeast corner of the State of New Mexico, in Lea County with a population of 43,405 as of 2011. 

"Dear sister,
We have got to where we are going and are in a oil town and I think we will get a job and are going to stay here two or three days.  It is raining down here. It sure is a pretty place.  I sure am sleepy. I haven't slept any since I left up there. We had 3 flats coming down here.

     - Postcard mailed from Hobbs on December 10, 1930

Photo courtesy of the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum, Webel Collection.

The roots of the city go back to 1907 when James Isaac Hobbs, his wife Francis and their four children arrived in the area from Texas.  But, growth in the area really began with the discovery of oil in Hobbs in 1928.  Through boom and bust, the city has endured and grown into a thriving community that is home to approximately 43,000 people.

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